Most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.

John J. Beckley

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning helps you prepare for the unexpected in life, plan for the future you anticipate, and enable you to determine how to meet your financial goals. A financial planner develops a meaningful relationship with you that lasts for generations while developing strategies that strengthen your financial security and increase your net worth.

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Meet Kevin J. Donnelly CFP®, Independent Personal Financial Planner and Asset Manager

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Kevin supports people in many different fields and stages of life who all share one thing in common: as successful people, their finances have reached a higher level of complexity. Pre-packaged, assembly-line, financial planning programs are not adequate to secure their financial future. Rather, they need an expert resource who helps take their finances to the next level.

Kevin J Donnelly

Kevin J. Donnelly

MBA (Finance & Accounting) Columbia University
BS (Computer Science) Union College, Schenectady, NY

Financial Planning Products & Services

Flexibility is the most important advantage of Kevin’s individualized approach to financial planning which breaks down into three broad categories:

1. Financial Planning

Kevin can support you in all phases of planning and managing your personal finances. Whether you need a strategy to accomplish a specific goal such as retirement or financing your children’s education – or need an overall approach to improve the effectiveness of managing your finances, Kevin can put the right plan in place.

Among the services offered:

  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Allocation

Through partnerships, Pendragon Capital Management can provide you with life, health, and disability insurance.

2. Program Implementation and Asset Management

Kevin can implement the financial planning strategy developed during your initial sessions, work with you on a continuing basis to execute and manage investments, as well as provide ongoing financial planning counseling to keep pace with changes in your personal situation.

You can expect to form a working partnership with Kevin. He will add his abilities to yours to design a program that gives you the exact level of participation you desire. Using a state-of-the-art art research capability, he will also give you the latest and most authoritative information on which to base your decisions.

Is it important how much money you have for investment or savings? No. What is important is finding the strategy that will give you the ability to achieve your financial goal using the assets you have available.

3. Business Planning Services

Many clients’ personal finances are closely linked to their businesses. With Kevin, you have the added value of receiving financial counseling (for example, business continuity planning or fringe benefit planning) that can help coordinate business and personal finances to achieve the most effective personal income preservation strategy.

What to Expect With the Financial Planning Process?

The Kevin J. Donnelly Approach

Regardless of what your financial goal may be, achieving it begins with improving your financial situation.

As your personal financial planner, Kevin adds value to your financial portfolio by finding the most effective way to increase your net worth. His role is to provide credible asset management systems to make you financially stronger, including:

  • Wealth accumulation strategies that take into account your personal preferences.
  • Cash management strategies that help you make better use of your cash resources.
  • Tax planning strategies that decrease your tax liabilities.

The end result is a financial management program that will make you more financially secure and give you the tools to use your money the way it should be used.

How Do You Want to Achieve Financial Success?

Because there is more than one path to any financial goal, Kevin pays very close attention to how you want to achieve success.

His mission is not only to develop an effective financial strategy but to ensure that his recommendations utilize your resources responsibly and meet your personal comfort level.

To achieve this, all investment recommendations include a detailed assessment of both the rewards and the risks of the strategy.

You and Kevin will work together. He will give you the personal attention, financial advice, and technical services you need to enhance your financial security and ensure that your money is working toward your goal.

He will recommend strategies that achieve your objectives at your pace. You can count on Kevin to supervise the challenging aspects of your finances – freeing you to concentrate on the activities that make you successful.

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How Do I Get Started With Financial Planning?

Please contact Kevin Donnelly via email at or via phone at 646-477-0635.