For investors who want to grow their portfolio and make a positive impact on the world.

Pendragon Capital Management’s Climate Impact Portfolio offers capital appreciation and long-term growth through investments in those companies making the greatest advances in renewable energy, energy production, distribution and transmission, and environmental science.

What Makes Pendragon’s Climate Portfolio Different?

We are research-driven active investment managers with years of experience in the energy and climate sectors and a strong belief in the Green Energy Revolution.

What Companies Does Pendragon Invest In?

Our Climate Impact Portfolio evaluates companies that have the smarts, vision, and technologies to help build a healthier, greener future and provide sustainable returns for investors. 

What Can You Expect to Gain With Pendragon?

Expect honest, professional, and dedicated investment management to navigate the new technologies driving the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable power. Returns for your portfolio and the Earth = Win-Win.

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